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To reduce the number of questions you need to answer to get a quote we've made some assumptions about your eligibilty for this cover.

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Car Insurance Assumptions

To speed things up and reduce the number of questions, we've assumed a few things. So before you can buy this policy you'll need to confirm the following apply to you, the named drivers and the car.

Assumptions about this cover

You (the policyholder)

  • are the main driver of the car (unless you tell us that another driver named on the policy is the car’s main driver)
  • or your spouse or civil partner must be the owner/registered keeper of the car
  • Your private car no claim discount has been earned in your own name in the UK, not being used for another vehicle and you have a renewal notice from a previous insurer less than 2 years old

You and other drivers

  • must be UK resident and have been resident in the UK for at least the last 3 years
  • must not have previously had their insurance cancelled, declined or had special terms imposed
  • have no pending prosecutions for motoring offences
  • must not have any non-motoring convictions
  • must not have been declared unfit to drive by the DVLA or advised not to drive by a doctor because of a medical condition which the DVLA required information about

Your car

  • is not based in Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or Isle of Man
  • must not have been manufactured with over 7 seats or been modified to include more than 7 seats
  • must not be used for business use, hire, reward, trade, or delivery purposes unless specified in your schedule
  • must be kept at the home address declared within the quotation
  • must be a right hand drive model. It must not be a grey import, modified, customised or be a ‘Q’ plate vehicle
  • if your car has been fitted with either a Thatcham 1 or Thatcham 2 security device, a copy of the fitment certificate may be requested at any time

Welcome to AA Drivesafe Telematics Insurance

AA Drivesafe is a whole new type of car insurance from the AA designed for drivers who find themselves hit by high insurance premiums (such as young drivers) which allows you reduce your premiums through good driving.

In order that you get the maximum benefit from your AA Drivesafe policy you need to understand the following:

  • Safe Driving Incentive You get a discount just for buying Drivesafe and you can earn further discounts based on your driving behaviour. The safer you drive the better your score will be and that will earn you more discounts, if you attain a high Drivesafe score or you are paying our minimum premium the maximum discount will have been applied to your policy and no further refunds will be available during the policy year. Please note, by not driving safely your premiums may go up.
  • Encourage and Reward AA Drivesafe is designed to encourage and reward safe driving. The Drivesafe box fitted to your car records information about speed, cornering, braking and when the car is driven.
  • Be in Control You can track each day how you’re doing with your personal online AA Drivesafe Dashboard or direct to your phone through a free downloadable app.
  • Theft Tracker As an added advantage your Drivesafe Box includes a Theft Tracker to assist in locating your car if it’s stolen.
  • Cost of the Drivesafe Box FREE. We pay for the Drivesafe box and installation. However, if you change your car during the policy year there will be a fee to have a further Drivesafe Box installed in your new car.

This kind of policy might not be suitable for everyone;

  • Frequent night time driver? If you are a frequent night time driver (e.g. night shift worker) this may not be for you. There are no fines or curfews for night time driving but regular driving between 10pm and 5am will affect your driving score and your premium is likely to increase. This kind of policy may not be the most suitable policy that AA can offer for you.

If you feel this is not for you then visit us at to see our range of standard policies.

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